Corporate In-House Programs

I continuously design and deliver tailored programs for a wide variety of businesses and industries.

Topics of Expertise

  • Influencing Without Formal Authority
  • Transformational Leadership – How to Inspire the Best in Others
  • Building and Sustaining Productive Work Teams
  • Moving People from Compliance to Commitment
  • Managing Conflict with Tact and Diplomacy
  • Ethical Negotiation Skills

Keynote Speaking & Conference Workshops

I have presented numerous conference workshops and keynote speeches focusing on my topics of expertise. I am a solid choice for helping make your event meaningful and successful.

Topics of Expertise

  • Influence and Persuasion Skills for Project Managers
  • How to Be a Leader That Inspires the Best in Others
  • Developing and Leading Functional Productive Teams
  • How to Embrace Conflict Constructively
  • Ethical Negotiation Skills

College & University Student Presentations

I present programs filled with critical information about personal and professional effectiveness backed by current research and a lot of personal experience. This is combined with a very interactive multi-media presentation style for college and university student audiences.

Topics of Expertise

  • How to Experience the Freedom of Healthy Personal Boundaries
  • How to be an Ethical Influential Leader
  • How to be a Functional Productive Team Player
  • How to Get Yourself Up When You’re Down

Graduate Level Programs

  • Orientation and Team Development
  • Developing Influential Student Leaders

Executive Coaching / Professional Guidance

The growing popularity of executive coaching and professional mentoring is a direct response to compelling organizational needs. Aligning companies and their influential leaders is now more important than ever before. Developing more productive ways for upper managers and executives to work collaboratively is a top priority and high leverage investment in future economic value.

Truth, trust and integrity must be strengthened in companies that seek to thrive in the future.

Chris has 20 years of coaching and mentoring experience with corporate professionals.